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Fatherlessness is a crisis we can not solve on our own. We need you to become a
part of the #changethetide movement.


Majesty Outdoors TideChangers equips and trains mentors through partnering with local churches and faith based organizations. Mentors will be trained and given the tools to positively impact fatherless kids and teenagers in your communities. If you would like to learn more about existing TideChangers Chapters, or to start one at your church or faith based organization, please contact us today by clicking on the link below.

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Volunteers are at the very heart of our Mentor program. During TideChangers meetings and events there are many jobs that the volunteers can help with including – teaching, organizing activities, taking pictures, cooking, and pretty much any behind the scenes support. Volunteers are a vital part of changing lives in our TideChangers Chapters!

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Partner with us to share the vision of the  Majesty Outdoors mentorship initiative. TideChangers is being shared in communities across the country and working to train, equip and empower mentors through local Chapters that will impact fatherlessness and promote life-change. TideChangers is working to break the generational cycle of dysfunction of single parent families with no father figure, and we cannot impact this epidemic without you!


24 Million Children in America

4X More Likely

For a child from a fatherless home to live in poverty.

85% of youth in prison

Are from fatherless homes.

90% of homeless & Runaway

Children are from fatherless homes.

63% of youth suicides

Are from fatherless homes.

71% of of highschool dropouts

Are from fatherless homes.

7X more likely

for teens from fatherless home to become pregnant.

75% of youth in chemeical abuse centers

Are from fatherless homes.

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