The number of crises facing our country continues to grow, from drug addiction, to teen pregnancy, crime, homelessness, human trafficking, the list goes on. The truth is, most of these conditions are symptoms of a root cause in our society that is growing exponentially. That root cause is fatherlessness! Most of our country’s programs deal only with the symptoms. But unless we deal with the root cause,,, the symptoms will never go away!

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Majesty Outdoors is fully devoted to eliminating the cause of the symptoms facing our country by “changing the tide” of the fatherless epidemic. TideChangers partners with churches and faith-based organizations to establish TideChangers Mentor Chapters. Utilizing a curriculum that includes outdoor skills and activities, character building, and Biblically based life lessons; TideChanger participants grow loving, caring, and trusting relationships that last a lifetime. TideChangers is all about changed lives changing lives, and pouring into the next generations. 

TideChangers provides all educational materials, training, and curriculum, free of charge to launch and sustain Mentor Chapters. No financial resources are required for launch and continued guidance for a TideChangers Chapter. We are that committed to our mission of building a generation of hope by shattering the cycle of fatherlessness. 
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