Life Changing Support

We would all love to believe that every child would have the opportunity to grow up in a loving, caring, nurturing, and supportive family environment with a positive father and mother figure in the home.

 But here’s the reality in today’s society! The number of children in this country growing up without a father figure in their home is reaching epidemic proportions. Statistics in America show that children without a father figure in the home:

• Number upwards of 25 million
• Are 4 times more likely to live in poverty
• Are 7 times more likely to become pregnant as a teen
• Number 71% of the High School dropouts

• Are victims of 63% of youth suicides
• Equal 85% of the youth in prison systems
• Amount to 90% of the homeless and runaway
• Equate to 75% of youth in chemical abuse centers

These numbers are staggering, and they continue to grow! Granted, there are other societal problems that need to be addressed. But what can we do to help break these cycles of dysfunction that lead to families with no positive father figure? What can we do to carry out the vision to provide fatherless children with faith, hope, and love? What can we do to further the mission of creating life change for fatherless children through Christ, Mentorship & The Great Outdoors?

Through the award-winning nationally broadcast television series, Majesty Outdoors Television, fatherless teenagers are taken on their maiden outdoor adventure. Whether hunting or fishing in exotic locations throughout the world, host Bill Blodgett positively impacts the lives of these teenagers through once in a lifetime experiences.

Through its viewership, Majesty Outdoors Television plays an integral role in the process by increasing local and national awareness, and, by showing in each episode the incredible life change that takes place in these young people as they experience a loving and caring environment in the backdrop of the amazing outdoors.

Majesty Outdoors Mentors builds on this momentum of awareness by creating mentor Chapters in local churches and faith-based organizations. These Chapters are then supported by helping to identify leaders, training and equipping them, and providing curriculum and outdoor activity guides. Ultimately, through this process, the mentors and mentees become changed lives changing lives, thus helping to break the cyclical dysfunction of fatherless families, exponentially impacting society, and the growing the Kingdom!

We sincerely appreciate all our supporters and realize there are many other opportunities in this world to help and make a difference in. But what greater opportunity than to help our next generation of young adults, by mentoring and showing them the values and spiritual guidance that will enable them to become the world-changing leaders they are born to be. YOU can be a world influencer. YOU can be a Tidechanger! Please help us to “Change The Tide”


Ready to #Changethetide?