Scholarship Essay



  • We are thinking about your future, show us that you have thought about it too!Majesty Outdoors is making an investment in YOU. As such, the selection committee would like to gain insight into your story, your motivations and the next steps toward your future. If you have at any time over the last three years, been of service to the community in which you live, please include relevant information regarding this in your essay.In an essay of approximately 400-500 words (typed or neatly printed), please explain specifically:· Your focus: What will be your major, trade profession or field of study? Why did you choose it?· Your goal: What will be your objective immediately upon graduation from your program?· Your plan: What actions will you take to achieve that goal or employment?· Your passion: What impact has the outdoors and your experience with Majesty Outdoors TV had on your life? How is your life different?