Majesty Outdoors Theory of Change

The majority of issues we face as a nation equate to the symptoms of the fatherless epidemic:
(i.e. suicide, crime, homeless & runaways, poverty, chemical abuse, dropouts, teen pregnancy)

Majesty Outdoors Builds a Generation of Hope by Shattering the Cycle of Fatherlessness


Identifying and engaging youth with no father figure present


Create group and 1:1 mentoring opportunities


-Establishing TideChanger Mentor Chapters consisting of mentors trained with
evidence-based skills to affect life-change
-Consistent weekly meetings, consistent 1:1 interaction with mentors
-Intentional separation from technology to therapeutic time in the outdoors
-Empowering single moms through coaching and life skills enrichment


Life-change measured through:
Identifying the Stages of Change utilizing the 8 Dimensions of Wellness
through Motivational Interviewing, (mentee driven conversations),
leading toward living a more future focused & goal inspired life
Ongoing check-ins with chapters and mentors


Changes in speech, attitude, academics, attendance, performance, home life, empathy, and
spiritual development. Enhanced psychological well-being and behavior.
More stable and healthy family environment


Shattering the cycle of fatherlessness and its symptoms by
empowering the next generation of dependable and thriving community leaders