Majesty Outdoors Story

Majesty Outdoors began in 2007 as a vision from its founder Bill Blodgett to make a difference in the fatherless epidemic facing our country. Bill was raised fatherless after losing his dad to an accident when he was only two years old and his mom never remarrying. In his teen years Bill avoided falling into a troublesome future when a couple of his friend’s dads took him under their wings. These men introduced Bill to the outdoors and through those adventures, to a relationship with God. These mentors in Bill’s life gave him the foundation to continue in a positive direction rather than heading down a broken path that so many fatherless youths find themselves destined to. Years later the love and direction afforded to Bill through these two men who became his mentors would resurface into a dream to change the lives of countless fatherless youth.


While recovering from multiple knee surgeries and watching hours of outdoor television, Bill began to see his years of youth ministry and love of the outdoors coming together to create a new concept for outdoor TV. The vision God planted in him was to highlight a fatherless youth on each episode, impacting each of their lives and raising awareness to the fatherless epidemic in the process. Majesty Outdoors premiered national airing in 2010 with a new and unique format for outdoor television that has garnered many life-long industry relationships and multiple Telly awards for content and production over its ten-year history.


As awareness and interest gained in Majesty Outdoors and the fatherless generation’s challenges, Bill recognized the need to increase the impact on fatherlessness by offering a more intentional approach through mentoring. Generation Outdoors was started in 2013 as the mentorship arm of Majesty Outdoors and over the next three years worked to develop a program that would offer outdoor mentorship to fatherless youth across South Texas. Bill’s driven personality and his burning desire to impact the fatherless generation in as great a way as possible led to the Majesty Outdoors Board researching and directing a new business strategy that would overhaul the current mentorship program. 


With new leadership and a new vision, TideChangers became the new mentorship arm of Majesty Outdoors at the beginning of 2017. Over the next two years the program was completely redesigned, combining the concept of mentoring in the outdoors with proven, evidence based and results driven mentorship processes and training. Implementation for TideChanger Mentor Chapters also changed from partnering solely with a local church to offering TideChangers as stand-alone ministries in local communities. Utilizing passionate and committed volunteers and organizations, this new community model opens the program to many more youth and parents and allows multiple churches to participate as affiliates.


With the enhanced mentor training and advanced curriculum being developed, Majesty Outdoors is receiving inquiries from multiple organizations interested in collaboration. Programs involved with the juvenile justice system as well as foster care organizations have expressed an interest in adding our mentorship format to their systems. TideChangers mentoring model offers the benefits of forming lifelong relationships with youth as compared to the rather restrictive periods of time and influence allowed by both the detention and foster programs. The opportunities offered in these long-term relationships greatly increases the potential for developing “changed lives changing lives”. And these organizations are also realizing the importance of going upstream and treating the root cause of many of society’s problems rather than having to deal with the symptoms in the later years of these youths’ lives.


With increasing opportunities for collaborative partnerships, and our community model using “Let’s Take This Outside” community events to raise awareness and launch TideChangers Chapters, we are excited to see what the future holds for growth and impact in shattering the cycle of fatherlessness. We are also very excited for our new initiative in empowering and encouraging single moms through coaching and life skills enrichment in conjunction with TideChangers meetings. We realize life-change for fatherless youth needs a holistic approach, and that their home environment is a powerful component in this life-change. Our scholarship program will also continue to grow as we offer the opportunity for one senior per year to be nominated by each TideChanger Chapter in good standing for at least one year.


Majesty Outdoors filmed its last episode in January of 2020 with national airing of the television show ending in June. While the show has done an amazing job over the years of raising awareness and impacting many youths’ lives through the mentorship and through scholarships, we have determined to focus all our efforts now on growing and continuing to improve on our mentorship. The experience gained in filming and production will not however be lost as we utilize that experience in growing our YouTube Channel, and other social media, to highlight our Chapters and offer testimonials from our youth, mentors, and single moms.


Majesty Outdoors will continue to rely on our core values of love, faith, commitment, direction, and life-change to impact more and more lives in this fatherless generation. As we continue to grow our TideChangers Chapters across the nation we are always looking for passionate and committed people to help us “change the tide” on the fatherless epidemic.


“If we’re not part of the solution, we’re part of the problem”

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