Community Service Media Release

In the same way that Majesty Outdoors provides scholarships to worthy students as a part of its commitment to transform communities, Majesty Outdoors values community service from the students who receive the awards, particularly service to Majesty Outdoors itself and/or service through a Mentoring chapter if there is one in your community. If you have at any time over the last three years, been of service to the community in which you live, please include relevant information regarding this in your essay. If you have not provided previous service, would you be willing to provide service over the course of the next year to the community in which you reside?

Community Service

Please know that if you are selected, and have indicated a willingness to serve, Majesty Outdoors will help you connect to an organization for community service in the coming school year (2017 – 2018)

We have read the instruction sheet and this application form and wish to apply for a Majesty Outdoors Scholarship. We agree to comply with all procedures outlined in the application information and we release to Majesty Outdoors the applicant’s academic records.

If I am awarded a scholarship, I give my permission to use my name and/or photograph in publicity releases related to Majesty Outdoors.

I further agree that, if I am selected as a scholarship recipient, any information provided by me to Majesty Outdoors in connection with this application may be used by Majesty Outdoors in promoting its purposes.

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