Alyssa Simons | Director of Volunteers


Alyssa Simons’ first ministry is her family. She is a mother of two and is married to the love of her life, Mike. She has a deep desire for the revival of youth and has a heart for helping women find their identity in the Almighty Father. 

Alyssa enjoys hiking in national parks around the country, loves sewing, reading the Bible, and in her free time enjoys training her golden retriever, Daisy. 

After giving her life to Christ in 2021, she took a leap of faith to leave the corporate world as an insurance agent after 9 years, and transitioned to the non-profit sector stepping into her purpose with Majesty Outdoors. 

As a story teller, she is relentless to share the healing she has received, wash others with the Word of God, and let others borrow her belief in them, till their real freedom comes!